Once you make up your mind, you see only data confirming that view. This is called confirmatory bias. So here is a confirmatory bias article that I found on Huffingtonpost.

Normally I do not like stuff on H’post…but this is a good article meant for RE lovers I guess. I fully agree with the author on:

  1. Indian RE is terribly over priced
  2. Our salaries have not kept pace with the RE prices, or RE prices have run far ahead
  3. RE prices have to correct 50% or rents have to double soon
  4. If you own RE, you should not be proud, you should be worried about marketability
  5. The cap of Rs. 200,000 on interest on rental property will lead to correction in the RE prices for now

Source: http://www.subramoney.com/2017/02/should-you-buy-real-estate/


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